Digital Transformation Excellence World Summit (BTOES DIGITAL)

The Premier Cross-Industry Gathering of Process Automation Technology Industry Leaders & Senior-Executives.


RPA & intelligent Automation

Hyper-automation powered by process excellence – Best practices by LexisNexis

Automation at Bosch: Scaling to AI – a practitioner’s view

Proprietary AI algorithm driven “Zero Touch” fault resolution for mobile network alarms

A Robot for Every Person

From Pilot to Enterprise-scale RPA: How to Amplify and Accelerate the Business Value of RPA to Build a Thriving Enterprise

Creating A World of Virtual Health Care and Health Sciences Using A.I., ML and RPA

Control your robots – Designing an effective RPA governance program

Why RPA and examples of successful RPA Implementations that have saved my company millions of dollars

RPA: Change Management Tool for Industry 4.0

RPA For the Enterprise

Cloud Computing for Data Analytics Applications

Managing the AI process: putting humans (back) in the loop


Systems Thinking & Approach: The Enterprise Operating System for the Concept to Cash Value Stream

Five steps to improving business processes by delivering AIOps

Intelligent Business Process Management: Where Leadership Meets Process, Technology and People

Speeding up the proposal phase in project business by 300% using an intelligent tender document screening approach

Delivering Exceptional Operations Results: Breaking Inertia Through the Combination of Processes, People, and Measurements (KPIs)

BPM Re-Imagined: The impact of emerging technologies on business automation

How to Prioritize Customer Needs and Expectations

Your Attitude is Your Breakthrough: Change the Attitudes, Change the Culture

Automate any Process, Anywhere

Speeding up the proposal phase in project business by 300% using an intelligent tender document screening approach

Enabling organizations to trust their data

How to Leverage Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Global Space Ecosystem

Process Mining

Advancing Your Digital Transformation with Process Mining

Learn why Process Mining itself provides little value

Ready to embed process mining into your organization’s DNA? Start smart!

If you are not Green and growing...

Achieve Process Excellence by Combining AI, Process Mining and Task Mining

COVID 19: Application of Process Management

The Future of Process Mining

IIoT & Data Mining for Results

Adapting to support team excellence in a virtual workplace, and responding to the needs of an industry in transition!

System Migrations: 3 Ways Process Excellence Can Make an Impact

Reliability Centered Maintenance and Asset Connectivity

Handle hidden cost while delivering value out of process mining

Enterprise Architecture

Changing the Perception of Enterprise Architecture

Challenges in realising AI use cases for enterprises and the way forward

Scale Agile effectively with strategic portfolio management

Enterprise Architecture - What Business Really Needs

Building a business-enabling “digital backbone” requires a modern EA approach

Enterprise Architects: The Champions of IT

Architecture in the Product-Oriented Delivery Model

The Rise of Digital Twins & Impact on Value Chains- An Enterprise Architecture Approach

Architecting an AI Ecosystem

Facilitating Innovation & Digitalisation: Scaling Internal Innovation capabilities

Become indispensable: Strengthen your EA practice by producing valuable business outcomes

Enterprise Architecture and The Power of Storytelling

IT Infrastructure & Cloud Strategies

The view from the C-Suite / Key success factors for effective digital transformation

End-to-end Cloud Transformation & Governance

It Ain't Done 'Til It's Automated: Security at the Speed of DevOps

Azure governance and management


Introducing an evolution in Network Verification and Automation Software

Building an Inclusive Culture

IT Infrastructure & Cloud Strategies: How Great Enduring Organizations Build Value Creation Cultures

Intelligently Leveraging Your Data: Why it is okay to "shift right" as part of your testing strategy

Infrastructure Modernization; How to choose the right modernization path for your environment

Migration of Calling and Contact Center to Cloud: things to know in advance

Purpose driven Cloud Strategy and role of IT infrastructure in it

Digital Transformation Workplace

Using Neuroscience to drive Digital Transformation

An overview of Morningstar's RPA program and progress on SOX controls

Process-led Digital Transformation: From Priority to Value

It’s Time to Automate

The Leader's Role in Culture Transformation and Sustaining the Gains

How to Drive True Digital Transformation with a Unique Methodology that Generates Results

Changes in physical spaces and the opportunities to leverage emerging tech for flexibility, experience and sustainability

BASF Smart Manufacturing @ Greater China

Leading Agile Transformation in a continuously changing environment Introduction

Going Digital To Enhance The Customer Experience

Digital Transformation Opportunities in Production Use Cases and Opportunities in the Aerospace Industry

Digital Transformation: The Game Changer in the "New Normal".

Business Transformation & Operational Excellence Industry Awards 2023

Celebrating Outstanding Organizational Achievements


BTOES 2019 CEO Introduces Conference Key Themes

Vijay Bajaj, Founder & CEO, BTOES, introduces some of the key themes covered by BTOES 2019, a conference that represents the shifting landscape of Operational Excellence & End-to-End Business Transformation.

Such as

  • Cultural Transformation: The key to making deep-rooted process changes required to take advantage of digitization, automation and advanced technologies.

  • Leadership Buy-In: Critical to ensuring the resources are in place to execute sustainable Operational Excellence projects

  • End-to-end Business Transformation: If process re-engineering is not end-to-end, it will always be sub-optimal. Disparate continuous improvement efforts do not provide meaningful impact.

  • The Willingness To Embrace New Technologies: Organizations to evaluate current employees for digital knowledge and a more flexible, rapid decision-making, agile mindset.

  • Customer Delight. - Businesses need to ensure all their policies and procedures are focused on a seamless customer experience, reviewing their whole organization including their traditional sales and marketing departments to ensure they are re-engineered to focus on delight.


The BTOES Summit Highlights Video

The best moments of the Business Transformation & Operational Excellence World Summit & Industry Awards, the largest-scale leadership level event in Operational Excellence!

This event defines the ecosystem and is where the industry leaders gather to create the future. 

It brings together the best and brightest individuals & organizations from across key sectors to engage, network, benchmark and discuss the key challenges and future trends within Operational Excellence, Lean, Six Sigma and Agile and its application & impact on Business Transformation, Innovation Execution, Agility, Customer Experience, Value Creation, Strategy and the very important challenges surrounding Leadership & Cultural Transformation. 

BTOES Keynotes have included: The White House Office of the President, Amazon, Disney, Google, Facebook, Ikea, Goodyear, Siemens, Nokia, Verizon, General Motors, Intel, Johnson Controls, GE, Lego, AstraZeneca,  MassMutual, Wells Fargo, Morningstar and many more...

The Awards Program Highlights Video

The Business Transformation & Operational Excellence Awards were established to showcase globally the most outstanding Business Transformation & Operational Excellence achievements.  

The focus of this elite awards program is to demonstrate to the global business community the real results organizations achieve through the successful implementation of Digital Transformation & Operational Excellence.

The Awards will be held in conjunction with the Business Transformation & Operational Excellence World Summit.

The Business Transformation & Operational Excellence Awards are open to all organizations, both private and public sector, across the globe, which have implemented Digital Transformation or Operational Excellence programs to deliver outstanding business results.

The Sponsor & Exhibitor Experience Highlights Video

Engage with the industry’s largest senior-management audience.

The Business Transformation & Operational Excellence World Summit & Industry Awards, is the premier senior-management event in Operational Excellence!

BTOES defines the ecosystem and is where the industry leaders gather to create the future.

It brings together the best and brightest individuals & organizations from across key sectors to engage, network, benchmark and discuss the key challenges and future trends. Uniquely designed, to drive the best attendees, deliver exceptional content, and be the most engaging event in the industry. 

Accessing real dealmakers, our events will place you where the deals are and deliver a large number of meaningful conversations and commercial connections. 

In short, generate a high number of highly relevant leads; the right people, in the right companies, who are looking to accelerate their buying cycles.  Be recognised by your customers and prospects as an industry thought and innovation leader.